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  • 2007& 2008 Clinical Animal Trials
    Despite improved immunosuppressive methodologies and therapeutics, human heart transplant rejection remains the most significant factor limiting the success of heart transplantation. Endomyocardial biopsy (EMB) is currently the standard method to diagnose allograft rejection. Limitations to EMB exist however, and they include the inability to monitor rejection on a daily basis, not to mention association with significant morbidity and cost. Further, EMB catches cardiac allograft rejection only after a substantial level of cell infiltration has developed, which may be too late to prevent completely allograft injury and damage. Cleveland Clinic, TransWorld Heart Co., and affiliates have developed a novel implantable device capable of daily analysis of several intramyocardial electrogram parameters with the aim of graft rejection diagnosis with high sensitivities and specificities.

  • 2007 Medical Innovation Summit