The Company

TransWorld Heart Corporation was formed with the medical objective of dramatically improving the quality of life through innovative technology.

Significant reduction in patient mortality will be achieved by the company's patented devices and algorithms. The noninvasive techniques and monitoring methodologies will be extremely useful in preventing hospitalizations and adverse outcomes associated with the painful procedures currently utilized by the medical industry for these patients. TransWorld Heart will facilitate improving the quality of life as well as lowering of health costs for patients. This device and technology will therefore be easily embraced by physicians, insurance companies, and governmental third party payers. Extension of these medical technologies into other chronic disease processes will have a similar economic cost savings impact.

Our Mission

TransWorld Heart Corporation is aimed at improving the quality of life through innovative technology. We will employ advanced medical and technological sciences to reduce patient mortality and hospitalizations and increase mobility with portable medical care and monitoring endeavors. We will strive to improve medical quality and reduce healthcare costs.