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Pulse Generator
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     TransWorld Med engages in the development and commercialization of controlled implantable pulse generator technologies principally in the United States. Through its proprietary design, it controls and monitors heart failure. The website platform allows fast programmer as an innovative programming platform designed to simplify programming of all current TWM systems. This palm-sized programmer features an intuitive touch screen interface, which clinicians can easily navigate to create multiple programs, adjust variables, and generate stimulation to organs with its instant-on capability and lightweight design. The technologies allow clinicians to quickly and efficiently test patients intra-operatively and to program postoperatively.

     The TWM programmer is a Windows-based computerized support system designed to assist physicians and their patients in optimizing the performance of the company's stimulation devices. The software interfaces with the transmitter or programmer to optimize stimulation therapy and document treatment outcomes. This unique system allows the physician to interact with the patient to map the location and intensity of the pain, to enter information into a standardized database, and to upload programs to the patient's transmitter/programmer.


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CRD(tm) is not available for sale in the US. CRD is an investigational device.