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Pulse Generator
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TransWorld Med (TWM)  is an innovative technological leader in the implantable stimulation (IS) segment of the neuromodulation market. IS system's -- similar to cardiac pacemakers -- use a small implanted device, either a pulse generator or receiver, to generate low-level electrical impulses that travel through leads to stimulate targeted organs.  


TWM   advanced lead designs deliver electrical impulses to targeted nerves with precision. Optimum configuration options are possible with electrodes, which target specific organ nerves along the spinal cord.   The leads are easy to implant, offer enhanced stability, and provide physicians increased flexibility in programming to accommodate patients' changing organ patterns. In addition, TWM lead extensions are technologically superior, offering a low-profile design of soft silicone for greater patient comfort, a multi-seal chamber to ensure high conductivity and energy efficiency, and a quick connection system for ease of implantation.

Pulse Generator

Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG system) is fully implanted under the skin with connected leads placed over the multi-organ.  While the system's power source is completely internal, an external programmer can be used by the clinician to reprogram the implanted IPG or by the patient to adjust certain parameters. IPG systems are best suited to treat simple organ patterns, which require less effort to maintain.

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