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About Us

The success of TransWorld Med Corporation to date is due to the dedication and expertise of TransWorld Med Corporation employees working together toward our ultimate goal of improving function and quality of life for patients suffering from heart disease.

The TransWorld Med Corporation management team brings a depth of proven experience developing innovative medical products and building a successful medical device company. Represented in the backgrounds of most of our team are some Fortune 100 companies such as; Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Guidant.

Meet Our Team

Charles Richardson, M.D.
Charles E. Tanner Jr
Chief Technology Officer
Cary Linsky, PhD, M.B.A.
Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Colleen Caldwell-Juras, RN
Field Clinical Engineer
Sean Ervin, M.D.
Director of R&D, Scientific Director
Melise Gaydos
Project Manager
Mary Loop
Clinical Development Director
Frank Herr, C.P.A .
Director of Finance
Phyllis Long
Administrative Supervisor

Charles Richardson, M.D.
Dr. Richardson founded TransWorld Med Corporation in 2004, and has been the Chairman since inception. Dr. Richardson co-founded and served as COO for IntelliServices, Inc., a technology company offering remote electronic medical records services. IntelliServices enabled medical staff to access information on patients with pacemakers and implants over the Internet. IntelliServices attracted significant print, radio, and electronic media exposure from sources including NPR News Business, CRN, eWeek, The Business Journal, and the Charlotte Observer. IntelliServices was sold to H-Quotient, Inc. in 2003. Dr. Richardson also served as President and Founder of BioPulse Medical, a pacemaker distribution company.   He earned his M.D. with honors from Central America Health Sciences University School of Medicine, and is a member of numerous organizations including the American Heart Association and the National Transplant Society.   Dr. Richardson is recognized as a world leader in fostering scientific education and research, and is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
Cary B. Linsky, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Dr. Linsky is Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs for TransWorld Med Corporation.  Dr. Linsky has held medical device research and development positions at J&J and Ethicon since 1971. Dr. Linsky has extensive experience in the evaluation of clinical data as well as time and resource analysis for clinical development supporting product registration, adoption, and reimbursement.   His work experience includes Director of Clinical Research and Principal Scientist at J&J Medical, Surgical Specialties Division, as well as Associate Director of Clinical Research and Program Director of New Business Development at Ethicon, Inc.   He has proven expertise in FDA regulatory issues, such as clinical drug development, IND/PMA, and Clinical Development plans, both nationally and internationally.   He holds five U.S. patents and was awarded the prestigious Johnson Medal for the invention and development of Interceed, a product considered by the FDA to be one of their breakthrough approvals in 1989.   Dr. Linsky holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Loyola Medical Center, and an M.B.A. from Farleigh Dickson.
Sean Ervin, Ph.D., M.D.
Dr. Ervin is the Director of Research & Development for TransWorld Med Corporation.  Dr. Ervin practices at Baptist Hospital in North Carolina and is an expert in human autoimmune disease states. Dr. Ervin holds an M.Sc. in Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Immunology/Microbiology from the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he was also an NIH Post Doctoral Fellow in Immunology.   Dr. Ervin received an M.D. from the Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherlands-Antilles.   He has held positions as Chief Resident of Medicine and Pediatrics at Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he was trained in Internal Medicine in the Pediatrics Residency Program, and as Medical Officer for Supai Health Station/IHS-DHHS in Supai, Arizona. Dr. Ervin currently holds positions as Medical Officer, as well as Assistant Instructor for the Department of General Internal Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.
Charles E. Tanner, Jr.
Mr. Tanner has over 14 years of information technology leadership experience at both large organizations and at high-growth startup firms. Along with Dr. Richardson, he was co-founder and Chief Information Officer for IntelliServices, Inc. He previously held positions as President of Blue Chip, Inc., Manager of Business Systems, and President and Senior I.S. Consultant for CMT Systems. Mr. Tanner's received a degree in Management and Marketing from Florida International University.
Mary Loop
Mary Loop is the Clinical Development Director at TransWorld Med Corporation. She has an extensive background in the medical device field, working for Fortune 500 Companies such as, Medtronic. She was instrumental in the introduction of the Medtronic Navigation Stealth Technology for Image-guided surgery systems, to the healthcare industry.
Colleen Caldwell-Juras
Colleen Caldwell-Juras has over 15 years as an experienced field nurse assisting physicians with the purchase, installation and programming of pacemakers, pulse generators and defibrillators working for both Guidant and Medtronic as a successful field Clinical Engineer and Sales Representative.
Frank Herr
Frank Herr recently joined TransWorld Med Corporation to assist with the navigation of auditing the finances for future growth.  He has been a certified public accountant for over 20 years and has a manufacturing background.
Melise Gaydos
Melise Gaydos is the Project Manager at TransWorld Med Corporation. She has over 12 years of healthcare experience ranging from Military Medical field work to Corporate management and supervisory positions. She spent several years organizing and managing startup facilities including HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals.
Phyllis Long
Phyllis Long has been involved with many established organizations. She spent 15 years administratively working for Union County, North Carolina in many capacities. She has worked in a myriad of industries in the past 25 years, including; manufacturing, purchasing, inventory control management, sales and law enforcement.



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